The Aerodynamic Tail that's #1 in ROI for the life of your trailer

The wing changes everything

  • Cuts DRAG for Certified Fuel Savings
  • 100% DEPLOYED, No Driver Involved
  • Eliminates the Causes of DAMAGE & Failure



Strehl announces Purchase of Rocketail

Strehl to combine Rocketail with TrailerBlade and other products to form FleetAero

PHOENIX, Ariz. (November 23, 2020) – Strehl, LLC, a leading manufacturer of aerodynamic components for trailers, is pleased to announce it has purchased the assets of Rocketail, LLC. Commenting on today’s announcement, Richard Senatro, President of Strehl, said, “We are extremely pleased to welcome such an outstanding product into our suite of aerodynamic solutions for the trucking industry. Through exhaustive research and determination, the team at Rocketail successfully developed a tail-aero system that finally delivers on the elusive promise of a practical solution for reducing drag at the rear of the trailer. Rocketail will transform the space.”


Introducing FleetAero

Strehl will combine its TrailerBlade line with Rocketail and other products in the Strehl pipeline to form FleetAero. As the name implies, FleetAero is comprehensive suite of products designed to optimize aerodynamic performance, thereby reducing fuel costs and lowering carbon emissions. FleetAero products will be offered both as a customized packaged or individual components, according to a fleet’s specific needs and equipment.

“Fleets are much more sophisticated about aerodynamics than they were just five years ago. They want complete, customized solutions that will fit their operations and achieve their goals for both fuel savings and carbon reduction. Consolidating our brands under the FleetAero umbrella reflects our commitment to helping our customers achieve these goals,” added Senatro. “This year has brought tremendous changes. Even more are coming soon.”

Mr. Senatro also noted, “With the addition of Rocketail and the formation of FleetAero, our approach will remain the same: to offer rugged components designed for the real-world, backed up by our products’ performance, with hard data, and outstanding service.”


About Strehl

For over a decade, Strehl has manufactured TrailerBlade, a leading brand of side skirts and other aerodynamic products. Strehl’s products are available nationwide through semi-trailer OEMs, the Strehl dealer network and most semi-trailer dealers. FleetAero, TrailerBlade, and Rocketail are registered trademarks of Strehl.

Next Generation Rear Drag Reduction
for Semi-Trailers

  • One piece jet wing design
  • No moving parts to break or maintain
  • Opens & closes with NO driver involved
  • Extends just 14 inches vs. 4 feet
  • Guaranteed for the life of your trailer


One device solves all three d's for rear tail aerodynamics:




Advanced wing design


Zero driver involvement

Installs in
1 Hour

Best total performance

Technology, Not Contraption.

Rocketail is a tested, refined and proven product with state-of-the-art engineering. Its advanced aircraft style wing design with multi-level airflows achieves maximum performance for the least overall cost.

Our Story

Our Story

At Rocketail we only build one thing: the most advanced, efficient aerodynamic tail devices ever built for modern semi-tractor trailers. Our Wing is the first to solve all three "Ds" (Drag, Deployment and Damage), for successful rear drag reduction.

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Rocketail’s patented design and industrial-grade components solve the “Three D’s” essential to the performance and profitability of any aerodynamic tail device.

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100% Deployed. Zero Driver Involvement. That’s all you need to know about the Rocketail Wing operation. Our unique swing-hinges automatically lock the wing in their maximum aerodynamic open position each time the doors are closed. There’s nothing to touch, move or snap.

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How do you get so much from something so small? Because our advanced, multi-element Wing reduces drag using an extremely compact, internally braced design that requires no involvement by the driver. The Wing was designed to have the best performance-to-size ratio ever achieved in a truck tail device.

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