Drag, Deployment, & Damage

Rocketail Solves All Three D’s for Rear Tail Drag Reduction

The Rocketail Wing is an ultra-efficient, aircraft style wing that does what no other truck tail can. It solves all “Three Ds” for rear tail drag reduction: Drag, Deployment, and Damage.

The Rocketail Wing™ Cuts Drag for Significant Fuel Savings

The patented, multi-element airfoil creates forward lift while it streamlines the rearward air flow. It’s so efficient, we could make it nearly 80% smaller than box tails and still get the industry’s best total performance!

100% Deployed with No Driver Involvement

No aerodynamic device can save fuel and money if it’s not deployed. Rocketail’s patented swing-hinge design automatically deploys and retracts the Wings whenever the trailer doors are opened or closed with no driver involvement.

Eliminates the Causes and Costs of Damage and Failure

Compared to other tail devices, rear extension is reduced from 4 feet to just 14 inches! And the Wing is made of one solid piece of super-durable, high-impact, gas-infused polymer. Because it has width, the Wing itself is internally cross-braced with no additional external or internal moving parts—just two, industrial-grade steel “swing” hinges. It’s guaranteed not to break. Period.