100% Deployed. Zero Driver Involvement. Every time.

That’s all you need to know about the Rocketail Wing operation. Our unique swing-hinges automatically lock the wing in their maximum aerodynamic open position each time the doors are closed. There’s nothing to touch, move or snap. Then, the hinges automatically shift the wing flush with the side of the trailer each time the doors are opened, so trailer doors can swing their full 270 degrees without being blocked or impeded.

Problem Solved in Aero Tail Deployment

No aerodynamic tail can save fuel costs if it’s not deployed. And that was one of the biggest problems of the first generation “box-tail” designs. Because drivers had to manually fold and unfold these complex devices, constructed of multiple flat sheets, held open with wires, struts, springs and other parts, it’s not surprising that drivers neglected or were unable to operate doors in bad weather conditions.

The Wing Eliminates Broken or Damaged Doors, Too

With Rocketail there are virtually no moving parts to damage, replace, or maintain beside our two, super-duty steel swing hinges. In first generation box-tail devices with dozens of moving parts extending up to four feet off the rear, tails damaged in collisions with vehicles and docks were out of commission until they reached the shop. Rocketail’s 100% internally braced, single piece design made of molded, high impact, gas infused polymer material is super resilient. It flexes instead of breaking. And it extends just 14 inches out from the rear versus four feet, so collisions are far less likely.


Rocketail installation requires only drill bits and tightening tools. See our Installation Manual for easy 1-2-3 directions. Each wing weighs only 15 pounds and requires no assembly. Wings can be installed by a Rocketail engineer and an installation helper in under an hour.