Our Story

We Build One Thing

At Rocketail we make one product: the most advanced, aerodynamic tail device for modern semi-tractor trailers. Our Rocketail Wing is the first to solve all three “Ds” for successful rear drag reduction—Drag, Deployment and Damage—to provide the #1 combination of fuel savings for the lowest overall cost compared to first generation “box” tails or any other aero tail device on the market.

Why We Built It

We founded Rocketail because the industry has long offered aerodynamic products for the front and sides of tractor-trailers, but has never gotten aerodynamics on the rear-end—working, maneuvering, docking—quite right. And that costs fleet owners thousands of dollars per year in wasted fuel.

Here’s why the problem remained unsolved: a successful tail device has to swing with the doors to open and close every time the truck loads and unloads, has to eliminate driver involvement so that it is always deployed without driver downtime, and must be able to avoid the causes of accidents and costly damage—yet still be aerodynamic. It can’t be fixed or static like a side skirt. In short, solving the aerodynamics on the rear-end is difficult.

What the First-Generation Tails Missed

Over the last decade, first generation tail devices managed to improve fuel mileage using “box-tail” designs—3 to 4 folding panels made of flat sheets that extended up to four feet back from the trailer. But those installed were never fully deployed during normal operations. The problem: a four-foot box hanging off the back was prone to damage loading docks and other vehicles. Drivers had to get out and manually open and close them in good and bad weather. And with dozens of moving parts like springs, struts, and wires, they often broke in real-use conditions.

How We Solved the Aerodynamic Tail Problem

We knew the tail problem required a dedicated specialist to solve the technical and engineering issues. So we set out with an all-star team of industry professionals, engineers, and testing partners to build a better system from the ground-up. The result is the Rocketail Wing – The Wing That Changes Everything – because it saves the most fuel for the least cost in the industry, making it the tail that’s #1 in ROI for the life of your trailer™!

Here’s why: Rocketail is not a box or a bump (boxes and bumps don’t fly). It’s a super-advanced, aerodynamic wing designed specifically for tractor-trailers. It’s actually an ultra-efficient, aircraft style wing that does what no other tail can:

The Rocketail Wing™ Cuts Drag for Significant Fuel Savings.
The patented, multi-element airfoil creates forward lift while it streamlines the rearward air flow. It’s so efficient, we could make it nearly 80% smaller than box tails and still get the industry’s best total performance!

100% Deployed with No Driver Involvement.
No aerodynamic device can save fuel and money if it’s not deployed. Rocketail’s patented swing-hinge design automatically deploys and retracts the Wings whenever the trailer doors are opened or closed with no driver involvement. 

Eliminates the Causes and Costs of Damage and Failure.
Compared to other tail devices, rear extension is reduced from 4 feet to just 14 inches! And the Wing is made of one solid piece of super-durable high-impact, gas-infused polymer. Because it has width, the Wing itself is internally cross-braced with no additional external or internal moving parts—just two, industrial-grade steel “swing” hinges. It’s guaranteed not to break. Period.

Weighing just 15 pounds, each Rocketail Wing is almost as easy to install as a set of mud flaps. 100% deployed all the time, Rocketail is certified to save over 3.58 gal/1,000 miles—saving your fleet thousands per year at current diesel prices and complying with new government regulations—without eating up your savings with damage costs, maintenance expenses or driver downtime.

The Rocketail Wing pays you back faster because it solves all Three Ds—Drag, Deployment and Damage—better than any other tail device ever produced. That’s what makes it #1 in ROI for the life of your trailer. Because when it comes to truck tail aerodynamics, The Wing Changes Everything.

Rocketail Wing. #1 in ROI for The Life of Your Trailer.